Sehat containers ‘being misused’

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REUSING Sehat IBIC Sdn Bhd mineral water containers for commercial purposes is a copyright violation against the company, its general manager maintained yesterday. Alexander Barita Simbolon, who is also the plant manager, said when the company’s containers are reused for commercial purposes, customers might not be aware that the water contained in them is of a different source, which in turn would affect its image and credibility with regard to quality.

“When customers drink the water containing in the company’s trademark container, and when they sense something amiss about its taste and nature, they might direct their complaints to Sehat as the bottle belongs to us,” he said during an interview at the company’s office in Telanai.

“The mineral water produced by Sehat is strictly monitored and supervised, so much so that the filling of water into the containers is done in a fully-sterilised manner, and even in a very closed environment,” he added.

He raised such concerns after suspecting a company, based in Kg Mulaut, of using their gallon bottles to sell their water.

Simbolon explained that he regularly conducts surveys at random places, and in one particular place he discovered that their bottles had been labelled with another company’s brand and sold at a cheaper price.

Further investigations led them to a storehouse in Kg Mulaut, confirming that the company’s gallon bottles had been reused for commercial purposes.

Simbolon said he had the chance to taste the water and basing on his 16 years of experience in the field, he found it to be reversed osmosis (ro) water. However, he said further testing and investigation was needed to determine the type of water it contained. According to him, Sehat has not filed a police report, preferring instead to discuss and settle things in a good way with the owner of the particular storehouse. The company had already contacted the owner to further discuss the matter and was still awaiting a response.

The water containers cost $28 each, and this amount is inclusive of a deposit refund. Customers who wish to refill their bottles would only be charged $8.

The deposit covers the loss in case the containers are damaged or whenever the customers decide to use it for their personal use, Simbolon said. Meanwhile, those who wish to discontinue their subscription will be refunded $20 providing the containers are returned in good condition.

Simbolon also advised customers to ensure the authenticity of their Sehat mineral water by taking a closer look at the bottle caps of the containers as they have the company’s specific label, with codes on it.

The Brunei Times