Evacuation plans in Tutong readied

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PLANS to evacuate Tutong residents living in flood-prone areas to higher ground are being readied in case of a repeat of last January’s flash flood.

In an interview with The Brunei Times at his official resi dence, Tutong District Officer Wardi Hj Md Ali said that there have been a number of meetings held recently with various agencies to identify areas prone to flood.

Likewise, projects to avoid any flooding were also undertaken.

“There have been completed projects such as clearing lands and river channels,” he said, adding that the projects focus to reduce the impact of floods in certain areas.

Worst affected areas by the flash flood last January were Kg Benutan, Jalan Kg Bangkuru, Kg Rambai, Kg Ukong and Kg Layong.

Fire and Rescue Department Acting Commanding Officer Md Shazwan Suhanie at Lamunin Fire Station reported that these places badly-hit by floodwaters were at the downstream areas.

Landslides were also reported at eight villages such as Kg Piasan Lamunin, Kg Kebia, Kg Pengkalan Mau, Kg Luagan Timbaran, Kg Pengkalan Tangsi, Kg Birau, Kg Sinaut and Kg Bukit Panggal.

Wardi shared that the evacuation plans were discussed with Mukim Penghulu in affected areas to ensure that all the flood-prone areas which have not been covered by government agencies would be discovered. This is to enable them to get funding from the National Disaster Management Committee (NDMC).

Part of the Tutong District Office’s standard operating procedure is to mobilise the residents to designated temporary shelters, he said.

“Some of the evacuation centres are located in high-altitude areas such as council, health centres, community halls, mosques, prayer halls and so on,” Wardi said.

The temporary centres would be equipped with sufficient basic necessities such as food, water and beds.

“We would make sure that the residents in affected areas are looked after,” added the district officer.

He advised residents to cooperate with the government when the incidents were to be repeated.

“What we learned from last incidents was that people were still continuing their daily activities such as going to work and to school during natural disaster,” said Wardi.

“They should move out from their houses so that we can cordon the affected areas by the police,” he added.

Wardi urged residents in affected areas to take leave from their daily work because the authority would provide confirmation letters to their respective employers.

“Their employers can refer to the authorities,” he added.

He reminded members of the public to take precautions in terms of food preparations and basic needs.

“The relevant authorities are monitoring the weather outcome every now and then. Even during normal weather, we always coordinate with one another,” said Wardi.

The Brunei Times