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A SAFE and healthy environment is required for all workplaces to avoid any accidents or property damage taking place, said a senior officer from the Public Works Department.

Concern over health and safety matters is necessary in order to maintain the good name of a department or avoid any losses, said the Acting Assistant Director for the Tutong and Belait Branch of the Public Works Department.

Justina Liew Vun Ching said that it is up to everyone to ensure that the workplace is free from “unsafe conditions and unsafe acts” to comply with existing laws and regulations.

All workplaces including government departments must adhere to and practice what is said in the Workplace Safety and Health Order 2009 and Workplace Safety and Health Regulations 2013.

She said that is also emphasised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), as it is concerned about the safety and health issues of all employees, and that our neighbours, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia have already been enforcing safety and health in the workplace.

The Acting Assistant Director shared some of the statistics collected by the Division of Health, Safety and Environment under the Ministry of Development (MoD) on accidents in the construction in Brunei during her keynote lecture at the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Guidelines for Field Trips book launch yesterday.

She said that the number of reported accidents last year was 73; three deaths and 70 cases of serious injuries, even though several books and guides have already been published by the division.

“Many of things that are needed to be implemented by organisations, such as providing a safety and health management system, need to be understood and practised.”

Liew identified three problem areas as the cause of unsafe workplace environments: low productivity, poor image of the industry and shortage of skilled manpower.

She said that a masterplan is required to identify a number of policies that will address the problems plaguing the workplace.

The implementation of short and medium-term policies, said the Acting Assistant Director, is expected to reduce the high incidence of accidents and economic losses. She added that it might also indirectly improve productivity, quality and image of the industry.

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