Oman looking to adopt job fair concept

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OMAN is looking to adopt the concept of oil and gas job fairs after seeing its success in Brunei, according to Oman’s Undersecretary to the Ministry of Oil and Gas.

Undersecretary Salim Nasser Al Aufi, who is leading his country’s delegation on a three day bilateral seminar in the Sultanate, said that the Energy Department of the Prime Minister’s Office’s job fair creates a unique opportunity - bringing together technical institutions, private companies and the government in its capacity as the industry’s regulator.

“The best talents can be attracted when government, private industry and training institutions all come together under one roof to collaborate in offering a unique environment for job seekers – and it is something Oman hopes to replicate in the future,” said the undersecretary.

Like Brunei, Oman is targeting increased localisation of its workforce in the oil and gas industry, with Salim pointing out that a nation’s education framework must match the demands of the industry to truly improve the prospects of locals.

“In Oman we face the same challenges (with regard to employment), overall our numbers may be bigger but in terms of the scale of the issues, they are very similar.

“Matching the end product of training institutes to the needs of the industry is crucial, and the collaboration between the two currently seen here in Brunei - under the Energy Industry Competency Framework (EICF) is something we look to take away as well.”

He noted that job retention in Oman’s industry was another challenge, and encouraged companies from both countries to show the potential career path in order to convince youth to commit long term to jobs in the sector.

“Providing incentives for the younger generation (new recruits) to stay within a single operator and continue building their career there also means showing them a career ladder (shown by Bruneian companies at the fair) to give them an idea of how far they can go.”

For the ongoing bilateral seminar, Salim said regulations in the two countries were being discussed, along with measures that can and have been taken to support the development of local companies in the industry.

The remainder of the programme which concludes today, will see an industry collaboration session with companies from Oman and Brunei looking for opportunities to collaborate in specific areas.

“Brunei has set the pace very high in the seminar so far, and it is definitely something we wish to continue and hopefully match - for our seminar in Oman next year,” the undersecretary said.

The Brunei Times