Misappropriation: Appeal allowed, sentence lowered

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THE Court of Appeal yesterday allowed the appeal against sentence for three G4S Secure Solutions Sdn Bhd security crewmen who were involved in misappropriating $100,000 belonging to Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD).

The appellants — Samson Purad, 25, Pg Mohamad Irwan Pg H Mahmud, 41, and Hamdi Admin @ Hamdi Jini, 45 — pleaded guilty to the offence before the Intermediate Court, and they were sentenced to each serve three years and two months in jail.

In addition to the jail term, the appellants were also ordered to pay compensation to BIBD for the remaining sum.

Samson was ordered to pay $3,554 while Pg Mohammad Irwan was ordered to pay $3,100 or face an additional month in jail. Hamdi was ordered to pay $6,300 or face an additional two months in jail.

In delivering their verdict yesterday, the Court of Appeal judges highlighted two factors which were not brought up to the attention of the Intermediate Court judge, namely, the extraordinary temptation of the substantial amount of money handed to them by the supervisor and the fact that these men had

volunteered to give evidence against their supervisor during the trial.The court said that the sentence imposed by the Intermediate Court was manifestly excessive and ordered for the jail term to be reduced from 38 months to 27 months. The court went to say that the compensation order will remain the same.

The court document states that the appellants were tasked by their supervisor to collect $11.105 million from the Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) belonging to Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) and distribute the money to several BIBD branches on July 2.

At Tanjong Bunut BIBD branch, an extra $100,000 was found which the branch was not expecting. The branch could not accept the additional money and the crewmen returned the money to their supervisor at G4S main office.

At the office, the supervisor told the crewmen that he would handle the $100,000 and took the bag containing the money into his car.

A week later, Hamdi arrived at the supervisor’s house and received $67,500 to be equally distributed between himself, Samson and Pg Mohamad Irwan.

Each of them received $22,500 which they used to pay off their debts, groceries, fuel and other personal items.

However, on July 4, BIBD Manggis branch discovered it had a shortage of $100,000. The branch said it was supposed to receive the money on July 2 through the G4S delivery. The branch reported the matter to G4S and an investigation was conducted.

On July 11, the three crewmen and the supervisor were apprehended by G4S superiors before they were turned over to the police. The police only managed to recover $53,100 from them.

The Brunei Times