SSB Hospital move to fight infections

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THE Suri Seri Begawan Hospital (SSBH) has installed Infection Control Stations at strategic locations on its premises as part of its Infection Prevention and Control Awareness programme launched yesterday. The revolutionary update in infection prevention is the first of its kind in Brunei and hopes to mitigate healthcare-related infections at the hospital.

The Infection Control Stations, which were adopted from hospitals in Singapore and the United Kingdom, will provide easy access to face masks and hand sanitising facilities. Targeted at hospital visitors suffering from respiratory infections (causing them to cough or sneeze), the stations will reduce the risk of infection transmission from such visitors to other healthy hospital occupants.

“We will put these at main entrances and registration counters of the hospital so that people can grab the masks easily. We’re targeting the areas where patients are mostly waiting in queue… we will have TV screens (at the station) informing them they have to use face masks and wash their hands when they are having cough and colds,” said Marliana Hj Isahak, Nursing Officer and Head of Infection Control Services, SSBH.

According to her, the Infection Prevention and Control Awareness programme's vision was a “zero tolerance to healthcare-associated infections”, referring to infections that occur not because of pre-existing conditions but as a result of visiting a health facility for treatment or diagnosis.

Asked about the incidence of healthcare-associated infections at the hospital, Marliana said that all health facilities are exposed to the risk but infection prevention and control programmes can bring them down to manageable levels.

The Brunei Times