Pertiwi celebrates new year Hijrah

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MEMBERS of the Pertiwi Association are reminded to recognise their priorities and responsibilities as Muslims in overcoming challenges in life.

During a ceremony to commemorate the recent Hijrah New Year, the ceremony’s chairperson, Datin Hjh Siti Hajar POKSS Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Yusof, said that the year left some sad memories on a global scale including national disasters and the Ebola epidemic amongst others.

“All these occurrences should act as lessons to all of us in realising how short life is. It also reminds us to not be complacent with worldly doings to the point that we forget our responsibilities as a Muslims, especially those that includes acts of worship to Allah SWT,” said Datin Hjh Siti Hajar.

“This should also remind us as mothers to not forget our responsibilities in caring for our children into the right path that is blessed by Allah SW so they may be children of piety with strong faith especially in this cyber-centered era that is full of challenges and hurdles to overcome,” she continued.

She also hoped that the association would continue to grow and organise more charitable activities while maintaining their sincerity to help others that are in need.

Members of the association also listened to a talk on the positive and negative impacts of social media by an officer from the Islamic Da’wah Centre, Ustazah Dk Norhayati Pg Hj Kasharan.

She urged the audience to think before believing viral messages with no concrete basis before passing it along as the truth.

Members from across the country attended the ceremony that is celebrated as one of the association’s annual religious activities.

The Brunei Times