Malaysian jailed 4 years, 8 months for using fake credit cards

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THE Intermediate Court yesterday sentenced a Malaysian man to serve four years and eight months in jail for being involved in a scheme of coming to Brunei to purchase goods using counterfeit credit cards.

The court document states that defendant Tan Hong Bee, 57, and co-accused, Wong Yung Sang, were in Brunei in September 23, 2013 and managed to purchase several items using fake credit cards.

They went to two shops to buy items using the fake credit cards and managed to purchase four bottles of perfume and a gold necklace worth $2,067.90. . They left Brunei on the same day by going through the Sungai Tujoh into Miri, Malaysia.

A week later, the defendants were arrested upon their arrival at the Brunei International Airport on September 30, 2013 as their names had been put on the immigration stop list.

Their names were on a stop list as a result of a police investigation into a fraud alert for items the defendant had purchased during his visit to Brunei a week before.

The investigation led to the identity of Wong as one of the perpetrators of the fraud and their names were put on the immigration stop list to alert the police of their presence.

Following their arrest, further investigation on the defendant resulted in the seizure of 10 counterfeit credit cards.

During investigation, Tan admitted that he was involved in a scheme of coming to Brunei to purchase goods using counterfeit credit cards. Tan in his statement said that they were recruited by a man named Ah Ken when they were in Malaysia.

The goods they bought using the fake credit cards would later be given to Ah Ken to be sold off and they would get a commission from the sales.

During the proceedings yesterday, Intermediate Court judge Hj Abdullah Soefri POKSM DSP Hj Abidin has ordered the defendant to serve the jail sentence with effect from the first day of remand on October 24, 2013.

The Brunei Times