Imams advise Muslims to practise road safety, courtesy

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MUSLIMS living in Brunei were reminded to stay safe on the roads and to respect the rules and law to ensure other users’ safety.

During the sermon yesterday, which was delivered in conjunction with the World Day of Remembrance fro Road Traffic Victims, imams stressed on road use, safety and courtesy.

“The responsibilities of road users are to take care of and maintain the facility and to make it safe and not turn it into a place of tragedy,” imams said.

The public were advised to always adhere to the road rules, be patient, tolerant and considerate in road situations as one’s recklessness on the road may result in damage and destruction of vehicles, injuries or death of others.

The imams highlighted that there have been incidents of some motorists parking their vehicles in non-designated parkings, resulting in narrow roads and disruption of traffic flow.

Road users were urged to exercise discipline, mutual respect and guidance for other users, especially people in an event of emergencies such as car breakdown and accidents.

Additionally, they must think rationally and wisely by giving way to those in need of it.

“Islam teaches us to always uphold civility and good etiquette at all times, including when we are on the road,” the imams said.

Muslims are further advised to remember and seek Allah SWT’s protection before and while driving on the road, and make a habit of reciting verses and chapters from the Quran such as Surah Al-Fatihah, Ayat Al-Kursi and _ Surah Al-Quraisy _before leaving home.

“When getting on the vehicle, we should accustom ourselves with reciting the prayer of Surah Az Zukhruf, and to recite zikir such as _Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akhbar_ when behind the wheel,” imams said.

Road users should also refrain from making excessive noises that disrupt the public’s peace, referring to drivers listening to music at a deafening level of volume and motor users installing loud exhaust pipes.

The Brunei Times