Fuel yourself with right carbs

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MANY people think that some of the complex carbohydrate food like rice, potatoes, pasta and bread are the culprits as to why people wanting to lose weight find the battle to be a lost cause.

But Dyg Nur Ainiedza Hj Idris, a dietitian with the Ministry of Health (MoH), yesterday debunked this notion saying that consumption of low carbohydrate food such as sugar should be limited instead as this diet was not optimal for weight loss or to remedy pre-existing health problems.

Dyg Nur Ainiedza spoke yesterday in a briefing for Sengkurong residents as part of the health promotion roadshow.

She said that complex carbohydrate is the body’s preferred source of fuel and dieters who stay away from this “fuel” would feel lethargic and irritable if too little is consumed.

Instead carbohydrate intake coming from sugar, which is the simple form of carbohydrate, should be limited as it spikes your insulin levels and will leave you hungry soon after, the dietitian also warned. Insulin is a hormone produced by the body and lack of it causes diabetes.

However, knowing complex carbohydrate is better than its simple form does not mean that over consumption of rice, bread and other grain products is encouraged.

Dyg Nur Ainiedza added that carbohydrate intake for the rest of the day should be moderate, pointing to the MoH’s recommendation of having half of your plate full of vegetables, with a quarter of protein source like fish or chicken, and the remaining quarter should be carbohydrate-rich food.

“There are plenty of local dishes that can be easily substituted to make healthier choices,” she said during a talk delivered at the Sengkurong’s Community Hall, listing white rice with a side of chicken cooked with conservative amounts of oil containing almost half as many calories as nasi lemak.

Fried noodles, another dish enjoyed by many locals typically contains over 400 calories, can be substituted with clear noodle soup which has 265 calories on average, she said. A serving of _cucur pisang _has 130 calories, while a plain banana has only 62.

The Acting Director of the Brunei-Muara District Mohammad Sunadi Hj Buntar attended the programme which was jointly organised by the Sengkurong Consultative Council and MoH.

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