Drug abuse: Call for greater focus on prevention

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THE Narcotics Control Bureau yesterday stressed that prevention is the best way to address and overcome the social issue of drug abuse and illicit trafficking in Brunei.

Speaking at a get together of the Narcotics Control Bureau (BKN) with stakeholders and sponsors, the Assistant Director Preventive Drug Education Division, Osmawi Osman, said, ”Prevention is a serious business, costly but in the long run saves money, saves lives, resources, our families, our community, sustains clients, sustains harmony and security and lastly prevention saves our beloved country,”

Calling for greater stress and focus on prevention, he said it was worthy as it would mean lower expenditure on rehabilitation, with the money saved being invested in the development of the country.

“The amount of money we save on rehabilitating drug users as well as savings on losses incurred from crimes, especially those relating to drug abusers, can be used to invest in our next generation and the country’s development instead.”

He said offenders are mainly struggling with socio-economic problems. “To say they are not educated may not be valid; our government provides free education, for many usually up till O level. So, it is mainly related to economic and social problems.”

According to him, this can be seen from the fact that many “new cases” usually comprise former addicts.

“Some of them cannot find a way to solve their problems. However, there are some new people who also get involved in this social issue. This becomes our other major concern.”

The purpose of the ceremony was to express appreciation to the government and those in the private sector who have contributed to BKN events, especially relating to Against Drug Abuse Day on June 2014.

It was also to strengthen the bond among all parties who have supported the BKN and to share some ideas with regard to awareness of drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

Attending as the guest of honour to present certificates of appreciation to stakeholders and sponsors, was the acting deputy director of BKN, Hjh Jainiah Sirin.

The event was also held to commemorate the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2014.

The gathering between the stakeholders and sponsors with BKN was held at the Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong.

The Brunei Times