Dispose rubbish properly, Kg Ayer residents told

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RESIDENTS of Kampong Ayer must be responsible in managing their daily wastage, said the Acting Assistant Brunei-Muara District Officer.

In an interview on the sidelines of a cleaning campaign yesterday, Ak Kamal Ariffin Pg Yasin said that littering is an offence under Section 30 of Chapter 12 under the Minor Offences Act.

“Disposing rubbish into the river is an offence, and may cause water pollution and portray a bad image — we want to show a good image of Brunei to public and tourists,” he said.

According to him, the government has already provided the Kg Ayer residents with proper ways to dispose rubbish such as waste disposal service for every household.

The acting assistant Brunei-Muara district officer urged them to make use of this service.

The cleaning campaign was carried out in two villages at Kg Ayer; Kg Pekan Lama and Kg Pengiran Setia Negara.

“One of the objectives of today’s campaign is to create awareness to people in Kg Ayer. We want people in Brunei to instil the value of ‘togetherness’ (rasa kekitaan). By doing this cleaning campaign, we hope everyone will realise that cleanliness is important in our life,” Ak Kamal said.

The weekly cleaning campaign was launched by the Municipal Department last Sunday to overcome the issue of littering in Brunei. It aimed to support the national Vision 2035 which also places priority on the environment.

The next activity will be held at the Kg Panca Delima, Kg Anggerek Desa and Kg Delima Satu on November 23.

The Brunei Times