Cultural roadtour of Brunei’s traditions

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A CULTURAL roadtour, showcasing the different cultures and traditions of seven “rumpun” (indigenous) of Brunei Darussalam, was held last Thursday at the Times Square Shopping Mall in Berakas.

Titled “Program Kebudayaan Perjalanan Kebudayaan Empat Daerah” (Cultural Roadtour of the Four Districts), the event is organised by the Traditional Arts and Culture Unit of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Shahminan Hj Mohd Yasin, the chairperson of the of the event shared that the event is a continuous effort by the ministry aimed at promoting Brunei’s unique tradition and culture, as well as to preserve it among the new generation by raising awareness and to relive it by practising it.

Among the activities organised during the day-long cultural tour were Brunei’s traditional dance performance, silat (traditional martial arts) demonstration, syair (lyrical poetry) recitation, drama and skit performances.

A series of exhibitions helped the public get to know about the different cultures and traditions of the seven “rumpun” of Brunei. They included demonstrations on the dastar (traditional headgear) and menapih sinjang (ways to wear the traditional weaved cloth), Brunei’s traditional musical instruments, such as the gulingtangan, and on how to play Brunei’s traditional games, such as gasing (top spinning).

-Billah Hasan

The Brunei Times