Smoking cessation services available in Tutong district

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SMOKING cessation clinic services are now available at all health centres across Tutong district as the government ramps up its efforts to curb widespread tobacco use.

Datin Dr Hjh Noraslinah Hj Ramlee, senior medical officer at the Tutong District Health Office, yesterday announced that smoking cessation clinic services have been extended to the Tutong Town Health Centre, Telisai Health Centre, Lamunin Health Centre and Sungai Kelugos Health Centre.

“It is expected to provide convenience and comfort for those in need of the services by visiting the nearest health centre,” she said in a speech at an event to promote the smoking cessation clinic.

She added that the Ministry of Health (MoH) and National Committee on Tobacco Control will continue to increase the range of strategies, measures and efforts to jointly combat the tobacco epidemic in the country.

“MoH is expecting the support, continuous and proactive involvement of all stakeholders…to be collectively responsible and play their respective role to curb tobacco use and smoking habits,” she said.

Such efforts, she explained, would ensure that families and the wider public are free from the risk and harm of tobacco.

The ministry further urged tobacco users, particularly smokers, to take steps to stop smoking in order to maintain their personal and family health as well as the community’s.

Held at the Tutong Community Hall Complex, the event to promote the smoking cessation clinic is part of ongoing projects under MoH to raise awareness of the health risks of tobacco use.

“I fully expect cooperation efforts in advancing the welfare activities like this will not only continue, but it can be strengthened and improved from time to time in our shared aspiration towards ensuring that the people in this country are free from tobacco smoke,” said Datin Dr Hjh Noraslinah.

She added it would also ensure they practise and promote a healthy lifestyle to maintain and improve the quality of sustainable health, welfare and prosperity of self, family, community and country. The event, attended by 150 civil servants and school students, featured a talk titled “Quitting Smoking in Islam” delivered by Ustaz Hj Abd Yazid Hj Rosli Aziz, head religious teacher at the Tutong District Health Office.

The Brunei Times