Man involved in housebreaking gets 46 months jail sentence

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A MAN who was involved in a number of house break-ins in the Temburong district was sentenced yesterday to serve 46 months in jail.

During the proceedings yesterday, the Intermediate Court judge, Pg Hjh Hanani Pg Hj Metusain, further ordered the defendant, Muhammad Sahrani Hj Tamin, 32, to receive two strokes of the cane.

Sahrani in his mitigation had told the court that he committed the offence out of desperation to feed his drug addiction.

The court document submitted by deputy public prosecutor Dk Hazirah Pg Mohd Yusof states that Sahrani broke into three houses in September and twice in November.

Sahrani managed to gain entry into the houses by prying open the windows and doors using tools. One occasion, when the defendant was unsuccessful in gaining entry into the house, he found an axe and used it to force open the door.

Among the items he stole included two laptops, jewellery, mobile phones, speakers, tools, a television set, a vacuum cleaner, a sewing machine and an MP3 player. Most of the stolen items were recovered by the police.

The Brunei Times