Way to gear Gen-Y as transformational leaders

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FIFTY four per cent of Brunei’s population is between 20-54 years old and many are moving into leadership roles sooner (and at a younger age), however many still lack experience and difficulty in managing situations or people as well as conflict, said Lisa Orrell, a Generations Relations & Leadership Expert yesterday.

Orrell, of the The Orell Group, said this in an interview with The Brunei Times at the sidelines of the first day of the recent Millennial Seminar.

The Civil Service Institute, Prime Minister’s Office organised the two-day Millennial Seminar, with the aim of ‘Gearing Gen-Y as Transformational Leaders. It was held at Barakah Ballroom, Parkview Hotel in Jerudong.

Orrell presented a briefing on “Get a Grip on Leadership: Empowering Gen Y & X Employees To Adopt A Leadership Mindset at Work”.

For young people who are in a position where they feel that they are not fully respected, it is important to address it quickly, she said.

She said regardless of the age and position, it was important to convey to the people (that you are in charge of) that you may not be perfect, but you are going to work very hard, be the best that you can be and make sure that this is a team effort.

“It is also important to provide an environment that is safe for your employees to talk to you. This mentality is not specific to any particular industry or culture. It is universal,” she said.

She also stressed on the importance of mentorship.

“You will always be going to need support from someone. Even at the executive level, it does not mean you got it all figured out. Even if it is basic mentorship, that is where it should start,” she said.

Orrell also suggested that one should have two mentors.

One mentor should be in the organisation and the other outside of the organisation ( not involved in the politics of the organisation).

“The characteristic of a mentor is to look for someone who you aspire to be.”

The Brunei Times