New diabetes outreach programme to motivate patients

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THE Suri Seri Begawan Hospital (SSBH), through its Teraja support group, launched a diabetes public outreach programme on Saturday. The programme hopes to address the growing diabetes problem in the country by tackling the issue through a multi-pronged approach encompassing education, awareness, prevention as well as propagation of a healthy lifestyle.

Event chairperson and Teraja Support Group member Sadiah Hj Mohadi told The Brunei Times that an important aspect of the programme will be the inclusion of guest motivators to hold talks that hopes to improve the mood and alleviate the negative psychological effects of the debilitating disease.

“We have observed that many patients diagnosed with diabetes display signs of having given up and disappointment. To help them retain positive thinking and accept their condition, InsyaAllah, we will bring in motivators to guide them and provide counselling.”

Sadiah said that Teraja’s existing support programme looks to identify diabetes patients at risk of psychological stress or depression through doctor and “diabetes educator nurse” observations.

“If we notice symptoms of increased stress… we may recommend them to a psychologist. While it is not very frequent, it is evident from their character and body gestures during counselling that they find it very difficult to accept their situation. They will be angry or give responses such as “if I have to die, then so be it”, she explained.

Themed in the local Belait language, “U’Chiew La Ramai-Ramai” (Come all), the programme consists of 10 activities over a period of two years beginning February 2015, and will not only involve the hospital staff and Teraja volunteers, but also health experts and speakers from abroad. It is fully sponsored by a Singaporean pharmaceutical company, MSD (Pharma) Singapore Sdn Bhd.

In his opening speech at the launch, Teraja Support Group Head Shaikh Hj Khalid Shaikh Hj Ahmad praised the commitment and patience of the participants of Teraja’s existing diabetes support programme.

“For them to attend every session requires commitment and spirit to achieve their goal especially in terms of managing their disease,” he said.

Present as guest of honour was yang Berhormat Hj Shafiee Hj Ahmad, Legislative Council member and village head of Kg Lumut I.

Now in its fifth round, SSBH’s Teraja support group was formed in 2009 to provide support and care for people living with diabetes. Diabetes patients who enrol in the eight-month annual programme attend a weekly one-hour class for education on the disease and conduct health tests every three months to measure progress.

The Brunei Times