Teachers academy strives for quality programme

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BRUNEI Darussalam Teachers Academy (BDTA) has brought over a foreign consultant from Imagine Education, United Kingdon to provide quality professional development programmes for its teachers.

In a statement, the academy said that Principal Consultant Dr Baldev Singh was invited to work with BDTA and explore training programmes designs that can help BDTA be accredited in a world class certification process.

“Dr Baldev Singh has been working with the BDTA team to ensure that any strategy development takes into account key Ministry of Education (MoE) initiatives which are currently in progress such as Whole School ICT Development,” the BDTA said.

“He is currently running workshops where teachers are beginning to design learning experiences that can support development of innovative teaching practices.”

These workshops were an indication of BDTA’s joint-up professional strategy to build on the success of existing MoE projects and drive towards achieving system excellence through quality teacher professional development, the academy said.

The Brunei Times