Man to be sentenced on Monday for theft

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A MAN who committed theft while released on bail is scheduled to be sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty to all the charges.

The court document submitted by prosecuting officer Mohammad Danial DSP Hj Kifrawi states that the defendant Zemseayakub Matassim, 34, stole two cars last August.

One of the cars, a Nissan Sunny, was stolen while the defendant was in the Kg Delima Satu area. He had gained access to the car and found the car keys in the compartment. Some time in August, Zemseayakub arranged to have the car painted black and the licence plate changed.

On August 24, Zemseayakub stole another car, a Toyota Corolla, when the defendant and his friend were in Menglait, Gadong to play games at a cyber café.

The stolen car was parked ina the parking lot of Pengiran Haji Mohd Daud Building.

Zemseayakub also removed and changed the stolen car’s licence plate.

The document went on to state that Zemseayakub was also involved in stealing from a restaurant in Serasa on August 31. The defendant, who had gained entry through the back entrance, stole seven pieces of $10 Easi Card and $12 from the drawer of the cashier’s table. The defendant was arrested the next day.

During the proceedings, Zemseayakub told the court that he stole the Nissan Sunny because he was desperate to see his child who is staying at his mother-in-law’s.

He further told the court that he stole the Toyota Corolla because his other car broke down.

When asked by the court, Zemseayakub said that he stole from the restaurant to support his living expenses and buy food.

The defendant further expressed his remorse that he had learned his lesson from previous convictions.

Zemseayakub is facing up to three years in jail and unspecified amount in fines for each of the car theft charges. He is also facing up to seven years in jail and fines for the charge of stealing from inside a building.

The Brunei Times