Observe dress code etiquette at mosques

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MUSLIMS were yesterday reminded to observe proper dress code etiquette at the mosque, preferably by wearing the baju cara Melayu (traditional attire), jubah or gamis (robe).

The Friday sermon said dress code is not a matter to be dismissed lightly as there are other aspects that need to be taken into account, apart from covering the aurat (parts of the body that need to clothed as required in Islam).

“These include issues of adornments, cleanliness, aesthetics, ways and places where a particular type of attire is to be worn, in order to ensure they conform with religious laws and that of social propriety,” imams said.

With regards to the Friday prayers, imams encouraged the use of cara Melayu and alternatively jubah or gamis, which comply to the requirement of the religion.

“The national costume of Brunei, the _cara Melayu _attire, is a clear reflection of the Islamic criteria of covering the aurat, alongside its refined aesthetic and exquisite traditional art form. On this note, it would thus be desirable to upkeep this tradition and don the complete cara Melayu Brunei attire for the Friday prayers.”

Imams also said that in the past, it is the norm of Bruneians to put on such attire, complete with samping or sinjang (traditionally woven cloth used with cara Melayu) during Friday prayers.

“Now, wouldn’t it be nice if we could revive and continue this glorious tradition and identity of dressing appropriately for the occasion… At the same time, we ought to realise that we are in an assembly of Muslim ummah (community) and as such, we have to be suitably dressed in our best, even more so during prayers.”

It is a sunat (voluntary but recommended) practice for men who go to mosques to perform Friday prayers to put on their finest and best clothes, as mentioned in the hadith.

Narrated by Imam Abu Daud, the hadith states, “Whoever bathes on Friday and wears his most perfect attire and perfume – if he possesses it – then comes to the Friday prayers without crossing over the heads of others, and continues to perform other sunat prayers, listens to the sermon attentively and keeps silent and later completes the prayers, then all his sins of that Friday and the previous Friday will be forgiven.”

Imams said the preferred clothes are in white, as encouraged by Rasulullah SAW. “If no white-coloured clothing is available, then we can opt for a shade closest to the preferred colour. Should that fail, it is permissible for coloured clothings to be worn instead.”

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