Clean-up at Jerudong Beach ensures market, public areas healthy

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THE Brunei-Muara District Office yesterday led an “army of cleaners” from various government agencies to rid Jerudong Beach and its surrounding areas of unsightly garbage.

The cleaning campaign organised by the District Office was aimed to ensure the entire Jerudong area - from the beach to the market- free from rubbish and would not inconvenience the beach-goers, market vendors and their customers.

Jerudong is well-known for its market where various fresh seafoods are available.

“The campaign is held to get rid of the rubbish around the area (Jerudong Beach). There were many types of rubbish like bottles plastic, wooden boxes, papers and so on,” said Acting Brunei-Muara District Officer, Mohd Sunadi Hj Buntar on the sidelines of the cleaning campaign. 

Unclean areas are an embarrassment to the country, said the officer. “It is a universal responsibility of maintaining our areas clean.” 

He also advised the public to collect their own rubbish and throw it later at any available rubbish areas if they are unable to find rubbish-bin nearby.

 He reminded the public of provisions under the Minor Offence Act for offenders who throw rubbish in public areas. 

“It is not a question of not knowing the relevant acts. It is an issue of hygiene.

“This issue should be part of our responsibility to prevent the spread of diseases and dirtiness,” said Mohd Sunadi. 

Legislative Council (LegCo) member and Kg Putat’s village head Yang Berhormat Hj Jumat Akim said that the vendors play an important role in protecting the environment around the beach. 

YB Hj Jumat said that the campaign hoped to change the mindset of the people to instill self-awareness of keeping the areas free of litter. 

“We should have that responsibility in our heart to not throw rubbish or litter without thinking about the repercussion. People like this destroy the image of Brunei,” he added. 

According to its press statement, the Brunei-Muara District Office collaborated with other government agencies such as Public Works Department, Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRE), Municipal Board Bandar Seri Begawan, Royal Brunei Police Force and Sengkurong Village Consultative Council (MPK).

 A vendor at the Jerudong market, Hjh Amnah Hj Abas said that she and other vendors appreciate the efforts by the government agencies.

The cleaning campaign is to promote awareness in support of Brunei’s Vision 2035 of achieving green initiative.

 The Brunei Times