Unity among Muslims vital to successfully uphold Allah’s law

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MUSLIMS should be united in upholding the law of Allah SWT to see successful implementation.

Disunity in upholding Allah SWT’s law may be due to the lack of understanding of the law amongst Muslims, and this is a result of the lack of awareness, said Muhammad Alif Muhammad Salleh.

A postgraduate student in law from the Faculty of Syariah and Law, Muhammad Alif was one of the panellists speaking during the forum held as part of UNISSA’s Maal Hijrah celebration yesterday.

“There is a need to be united because there are divisions in the aspect of understanding and upholding the law to make it a success,” he said.

“Allah SWT’s law is not only about Syariah law. The problem here is many are confused with the fact that Allah’s law is only syariah law,” he added.

There are four laws that are regarded as Allah SWT’s law, and they are: 1) ibadah (worship), 2) mualamat (Islamic economic transaction), 3) munakahat (marriage law), and 4) uqubat (punishment system in Islam).

“Many people do not see that Allah’s law is vast. In our effort to uphold this law, in our hijrah, we need to go back to Islam (to complete our syahadah),” Muhammad Alif said.

The other speaker was Adi Aismat Lamat, a postgraduate student in law from the Faculty of Syariah and Law.

He urged future UNISSA graduates, to equip themselves with knowledge to better equip themselves as ulama (scholars).

To change the self, there is a need for individuals to evaluate themselves from within.

“We need to ensure that our ibadah, prayers and our knowledge on the Syariah law are complete,” he said.

The forum was moderated by Mohammad Hashim Hj Abdullah, an in- service student studying Tafsir and Hadith from the Faculty of Usuluddin.

The celebration revolved around the theme, “United in Upholding Allah SWT’s Law”.

Among those present were UNISSA’s Rector Dr Hj Norarfan Hj Zainal, Deputy Rector Dr Hj Hussain Pehin Penyurat Hj Ahmad, and Assistant Rector UNISSA, Dr Arman Hj Asmad.

The Brunei Times