Private sector ideal for graduates

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THE graduates of the Cosmopolitan College of Commerce & Technology (CCCT) yesterday were encouraged to look for jobs in the private sectors or even start their own business instead of taking the usual path of joining the government workforce.

The call both made by the graduation’s guest speaker, Managing Director of Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) Tuan Javed Ahmad, and the Executive Chairman of the college, Dr Hj Aziz Latip, actually echoes the titah of His Majesty and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam which emphasised the importance of private sectors and entrepreneurship in job creation.

CCCT held its 8th convocation ceremony at Hua Ho Manggis Ballroom yesterday.

Tuan Javed Ahmad, told the 239 graduates, that “I know many of you hunger for jobs in the government sector where salaries and benefits are viewed to be better.”

But he challenged the graduates by saying, “At this young age, I doubt you should setttle for something structured and low risks... It is in the private sector that you would have the greatest potential to unleash your talent.”

He also said that “the private sector is the engine of employment and growth around the world.”

“In Brunei Darussalam, it is no different. Whilst about 70 per cent of the economy is based on the oil and gas sector and related services, we sometimes forget that this is part of the private sector.”

To drive home the point that more and more graduates were joining the private sector, the speaker said that “70 per cent of the Higher National Diploma graduates in previous years worked in the private sector, 7 per cent in the public sector and 10 per cent went on to furthering their studies.”

The guest of speaker added that other important private sectors in the Sultanate is the financial services sector. “Banking and insurance form the backbone of the sector. This sector includes the emerging importance of the Islamic Bank and the Takaful sector.”

For his part, Dr Hj Aziz said: “We all know the creation of new jobs in the government sectors is limited.”

“At CCCT, we always encourage our students to look into the opportunities of working in the private sectors as well as becoming an entrepreneur.”

“This is where our college is different from the others. Brunei being a young country offers plenty of business opportunities to small medium enterprises and there are many government agencies like the Brunei Economic Development Board offering grant scheme to help young start-ups.”

Tuan Javed Ahmad told the graduates that creating your own business “is a noble profession, one where not only will you create employment for yourself, but add to create employment for others.”



After hearing the speeches and the appeal made, Radyharmizah Muhd Radin, a business administration graduate and who has been working at BIBD while studying, said she was eyeing to pursue the banking industry and continue to work at BIBD for the long term.

Habibah Amzah, a business management graduate, has a different vision of her future, with the hope to put up her own business, where she would promote a social enterprise with her business partner.

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