Parental negligence raised during talk in Mukim Lumapas

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RESIDENTS of Mukim Lumapas brought up issues concerning parental negligence during a talk organised by the Information Department yesterday.

During the question and answer session, one of the residents raised the issue of children as young as 10 years old seen loitering around the Sungai Kebun area past midnight.

These children frequent a cybercafe in the area, which closes at midnight, and they would even beg for money in order to play games there. According to the resident, some of them would even resort to stealing to satisfy their gaming fix. He said he is worried that drug traffickers would prey on these children to sell drugs as a way of making side income. “They might not use the drugs, because they just need money to play games.”

He said that although the source of the problem seemed to stem from the cybercafe, he does not put any blame on the companies as they are only trying to run their business.

However, he put the blame on the lack of parental supervision. Some parents have 10 children, and it is hard to look after and care for each of their children, the resident said, adding that as some of these children are already smoking, they might fall into the trap of drugs due to the lack of guidance.

He sought assistance from relevant authorities on how best to deal with these problems.

He also suggested the introduction of a curfew, whereby the police could patrol the area more frequently to break up the gatherings and send these children home or bring them over to the station.

The Acting Head of the Nationhood and Community Section, Hj Dayang Hj Kasim, agreed that this is a problem that needs to be faced together, and informed the residents present that he will forward the matter to the relevant authorities.

Additionally, Pg Hj Alli Pg Samsuddin, an officer from Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), said he would discuss with the nearby schools on the extent of this problem.

The talk, which was held at the hall of the Sungai Kebun Sports Complex, was organised in cooperation with the NCB to inform the residents on how to tackle the threat of drugs from permeating in their village.

According to Pg Hj Alli Mukim Lumapas is constantly at risk of drug smuggling activities as it is situated close to the border.

The Penghulu of Mukim Lumapas, Hj Bakar Mansor, who was also the guest of honour for the talk, mentioned that some village heads had been threatened after reporting the issue.

Pg Hj Alli responded by saying that NCB will never disclose the details of any informant to anyone, and advised residents to not boast about being informants.

He also assured the penghulu and village heads that conducting more activities with NCB will make the offenders more wary of the area and drive them out.

The Brunei Times