National parenting lessons lauded

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PARTICIPANTS of the Parental Skills Workshop held in all four districts were one in praising its benefits but all agreed that two days were too short to fully learn all the hands-on child development know-how.

This was one of the top feedbacks gathered during an assessment made by Counselling and Career Section of the Department of Schools, which was also responsible for organising the nationwide workshops.

First of the two-day workshop was held in Brunei-Muara in April.

The workshop carried the theme “Kaulah Segalanya” (You are every-thing).

The evaluation from the partici-pants revealed that most of them suggested that more time should be given to each speaker and the time for the question-and-answer portion of the workshop be extended.

Another suggestion given was for the workshop to be conducted during school holidays so more parents would be able to attend and for the workshop sessions to be longer as parents would not need to worry about sending or picking up their children from schools. But it was evident from the responses that the participants enjoyed and benefited from the workshops.

However, Ali Yusri Abd Ghafor, Acting Head of the Counseling and Career Section, also said in his opening remarks that out of the 383 parents who registered for the workshop only 282 (or around 60 per cent) attended.

The acting head added that from those who attended the workshop, only 72 per cent stayed throughout the two days, while the rest were only present during the first day.

“Based on the suggestions and comments from everyone, (the section) will increase our efforts in helping educate (the parents)” as well as in dealing with the challenging problems faced by our children, said Ali Yusri.

Pg Hj Rosli Pg Hj Halus, Acting Director of Administration and Services at the Ministry of Education (MoE), added that he hopes parent would always be ready to spend some time to acquaint themselves with the different learning styles of children of this generation.

“In this era of globalisation, educational development is not only stressed on academics only, but perfecting the development of human values should also be emphasised,” Pg Hj Rosli said, informing parents of their roles in shaping the next generation.

The participants of the inaugural Parental Skills Workshop yesterday were awarded with certificates.

The Brunei Times