Use education to nourish the soul, not just the mind

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EDUCATION should be about expanding the soul and not just solely focusing on academics, said Associate Professor Dr Kamar Oniah Kamruzzaman.

We cannot just become Muslims but also strive to become good ones, she said during a roundtable discussion on ‘Issues of The Ummah: Why So and How To Address’ organised by Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali yesterday.

According to Professor Dr Kamar, who is the Director of the International Centre For Alliance of Civilisations (INTAC) from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), this improvement can be done through education,

“First and foremost, as educators we must look at our roles. Are we producing human beings or are we producing professionals?”

The associate professor suggested more spiritual programmes should be implemented such as camps to improve ibadah (worship).

Ibadah camps are a good opportunity not only to discuss about what more could be done in terms of education but also to improve ourselves,” she said.

“Nowadays, the younger generation gets influenced by the Internet and social networks up to the point that they lose focus on what matters.”

Dr Kamar said this is where parents play an important role in ensuring their children get the best education academically as well as spiritually.

“Therefore parents should not only become mothers and fathers but effective mothers and fathers who recognise and understand their children.”

More than 40 lecturers and students of UNISSA attended the discussion held at the university’s moot court.

The Brunei Times