Young man beats 63-year-old convenience store manager

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POLICE received a report of a 63-year-old convenience store manager assaulted on Jln Pemancha in the capital yesterday morning.

ASP Hj Md Noor Hj Abdul Rahman, acting head of the Royal Brunei Police Force’s Public Relations Unit, said an investigation has been launched into the alleged beating of the victim, who hails from Bangladesh.

He said the incident happened around 8am at the victim’s convenience store, and it was reported to the police at 9.32am.

When The Brunei Times visited the shop around 3pm, there were no visible signs of chaos.

The alleged victim, Hj Sabri Basri, said a young man with long hair came and asked him for money at the shop.

“He came to the shop alone, and asked for money. I refused and he started to get mad and threatened me.

“He took the broomstick nearby and used it to attack me,” he recalled.

Hj Sabri’s wife, Fatimah Abdul Hamit, said her husband had suffered only light injuries and scratches on his face.

She suspected that the alleged man who assaulted her husband was one of three people who had visited the shop a day before the incident happened.

She described the youths as aged from 20-23.

The Brunei Times