Jerudong Beach clean-up planned for Sunday

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A CAMPAIGN to clean up Jerudong beach and its surrounding areas has been planned for Sunday.

It will be led by government agencies and will include market vendors, fishermen and boat owners in the area.

Acting Brunei-Muara District Officer Mohd Sunadi Hj Buntar as well as representatives from other government agencies briefed the vendors, boat owners as well as fishermen on the campaign at the Sengkurong Community Hall yesterday. The meet also heard issues affecting them.

The campaign will involve the Public Works Department, Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation, Municipal Board, Royal Brunei Police Force as well as members of the Sengkurong Mukim Consultative Council.

The officer also said there were several issues related to the cleanliness of Jerudong market and its vicinity.

The market has around 120 vendors selling vegetables, fish as well as food. Some of them were boat owners and fishermen. Some boat owners were also part-time fishermen, he said.

Mohd Sunadi said some of the issues that contributed to the problems in the area were abandoned boats, trailers as well as fishing equipment in non-designated areas around the vicinity of the market and the beach.

The owners of 32 boats have been identified, while the owners of 12 boats, 32 trailers as well as 15 boats with trailers attached to them were yet to be identified.

He said cleanliness does not affect only individuals. It is a collective issue, he said.

“Even though the cleaning campaign is targeted at the market vendors, fishermen as well as boat owners, it is also meant to create awareness on the importance of cleanliness to Bruneians,” he said.

Signages put up to remind people not to litter had been ignored by some, he said.

The meeting also saw discussion on issues such as the lack of rubbish bins which was argued as one of the factors that led to the dumping of rubbish.

Another issue raised was that there was no clear indication of designated areas for boat owners to park their boats and trailers.

”We will take their suggestions into consideration. They said that they too wanted to keep the area clean, and are willing to work together to ensure this and to find solutions to the problems,” the officer said.

A national committee had been set up to oversee and coordinate efforts to improve the cleanliness of the country in line with the country’s 2035 Vision.

Meanwhile, the Brunei-Muara District Office urged vendors and fishermen who have abandoned their boats and trailers to remove them before the campaign. Action would be taken against those who fail to do so.

The Brunei Times