Indonesian embassy satisfied with gov’t handling of recent construction accidents

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THE Indonesian embassy in Brunei Darussalam is satisfied with His Majesty's government's handling of the recent accidents in Belait involving Indonesian construction workers, saying that the local authorities and leadership have been prompt and professional.

Counsellor at the Protocol and Consular Section, Deny Tri Basuki, told The Brunei Times yesterday that the well-being of five Indonesian workers injured in a construction mishap in Mumong on October 22 are currently being taken care of. Two remain in hospital while three have been released on outpatient treatment.

He also said that, in the case of the earlier death at the same site in October, the embassy has cooperated well with the police as well as the employers to ensure that necessary arrangements, including repatriation and insurance compensation, were in progress.

“(We were satisfied) from the autopsy, the police reports and the employer. The Embassy's concern is that the worker's rights must be met and this was fulfilled by the employer. However, we will be taking follow-up actions once the (government's) Board of Inquiry has released its findings,” said Deny, who added that any possible wrong-doing would be left to the local government to investigate.

“I would like to stress that the police and authorities have been very helpful and transparent… we are very grateful for the close attention from the government. (Minister of Development) Yang Berhormat Pehin Dato Hj Suyoi inspected the site and then His Majesty established an inquiry (into the incident),” said Deny.

The Counsellor was speaking at a Consular Services and Labour Issues event which it held in Kuala Belait over the weekend which it hosts about twice yearly in the district to attend to the visa and working permit needs of Indonesian workers as well as Bruneians living in Belait.

“Embassy records show about 72,000 nationals registered in Brunei, though we estimate that the actual population is closer to 50,000 as only entries and not exits are recorded,” said Deny, who added that the frequent visits to Belait is because it is the district with the second-highest concentration of Indonesians after Brunei-Muara.

The Brunei Times