Embracing Islam with deeper understanding

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A FILIPINO couple embraced Islam in a conversion ceremony, yesterday.

Ernesto Libunao Macalinao (33) is now known as Md Jazlan Abdullah Macalinao and Joenth Ribano Mallari (38) had decided to choose Norul Jannah Abdullah Ribano as her new name.

The ceremony was held at the residence of Pg Kamarul Zaman Pg Hj Zahari in Kg Sungai Tilong where the two recited the ‘syahadah’.

Norul Jannah Abdullah Ribano accredited their decision to convert to the fact that their 14 years of living in Brunei has opened up a deeper understanding in them for the religion.

After the ceremony, one of the converts told _The Brunei Time_s that she planned to embrace Islam as her new belief as they believe Islam has a lot to offer in terms of self discipline and building.

“I am fascinated with the way people in Brunei live as Muslims. The most beautiful part is Islam offers values that I believe can help be build and improve on my self-discipline,’’ said Norul Jannah.

Norul Jannah said that their family in Philippines were well informed about their conversion so it is not an issue for them.

“My family accepts my decision, they understand and are happy to hear that we have converted to Islam.’’ Norul Jannah expressed her hopes that by having the Islamic Da'wah Centre as guidance, it can lead them to a path of true beauty.

The Islamic Da’wah Centre has recorded a total of 34 individuals have converted to Islam as of September this year. Approximately 13,000 converts has been recorded since 1985 until 2014.

The Brunei Times