Deadline for submission of census forms on Dec 1

National 1 minute, 4 seconds


THE annual census 2014 of employers and employees on wages, rate of earning and working hours is due for submission before or on December 1, stated by the Survey and Statistics Division of Department of Labour.

Department of Labour, Ministry of Home Affairs, stated in a press statement that all completed forms must be returned with copies of the required documents stated in the census letter.

Survey and Statistics Division strictly clarified that all completed forms should be submitted in before or on December 1, 2014; any incomplete forms or late submission will not be accepted.

Employers who have not obtained the Census Form should immediately collect it at the Ground Floor Lobby Area in the Labour Department, Jalan Dewan Majlis or any other Labour Department’s Districts Braches, except from the Tutong Branch.

Companies which have ceased operations or inactive, are required to complete BUR 700B forms before or on December 1, 2014.

Based on the Employment Information Act 1974, Chapter 99, under Section 8, employers, who without any lawful excuse, willfully refuse or neglects to furnish the particulars or information required within the time allowed, if found guilty will have to pay the fine of B$2,500 and imprisonment for sixmonths.

In the event of a continuing offence a further fine of B$50 shall be imposed per day.

The Brunei Times