Muslims not wrong to use gadgets created by non-Muslims

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IT IS not wrong for Muslims to use technologies or electronic gadgets that are invented by non-Muslims, a Malaysian consultant told the Knowledge Convention Symposium.

“There’s nothing wrong in using technology provided that we do not abuse it such as watching pornography,” said Dr Danial Zainal Abidin, managing director of Danial Zainal Consultancy.

He gave an example on one of Prophet Muhammad SAW’s (pbuh) war called Battle of the Trench (Al-Khandaq).

During that time, the prophet agreed to Salman al-Farsi’s strategy of digging up trench in the war.

Dr Danial said Salman al-Farsi was not a Muslim at the time, but the prophet still accepted his advice.

“If we apply this dialogue to the current technology, we can use the products of non-Muslims for our benefit,” he said.

Meanwhile, the speaker said science that rejects the existence of Allah is dangerous.

Dr Danial Zainal said the study of science that disagrees the existence of God is called scientism.

Scientism is different than the study of science in Islam, he said.

While science in Islam encourages scientists to study heaven and earth, scientism rejects the study of things that they could not explain such as the existence of God, added Dr Danial Zainal.

“If the researcher of scientism could not explain the existence of heaven and hell, or the existence of angels, they will reject it,” said Dr Danial, adding that this contradicts Islamic principles that encourage research and development.

Dr Danial Zainal was responding to a question by a member of the audience on the dangers of science.

He went on by referring to the publication of Charles Darwin’s theory of human revolution that linked to apes.

“Darwin said that human beings revolutionised without God and because of natural selection. This is dangerous. Darwin promotes free thoughts until he rejects the existence of God,” said the consultant.

He reminded Science university lecturers to educate students on the difference between science in Islam and scientism because the latter is against the principles of Islam.

“Without basic understanding of Islam, scientism is dangerous,” he added.

The Brunei Times