27 youths off to Japan for SSEAYP

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TWENTY-SEVEN Bruneian youth delegates yesterday flew off to Japan to participate in the 41st Ship for Southeast Asian and Japan Youth Programme (SSEAYP).

Prior to their departure, Acting Director of Youth and Sports Department Hj Rosmadee Hj Md Daud gave some words of advice to the delegation.

They were urged to to be disciplined and make the country proud as young ambassadors of Brunei.

Hj Rosmadee also advised them to look after their health and safety while interacting with other participants from Southeast Asia and Japan.

He hoped that the delegates would bring back knowledge and experience that they could share with their peers in Brunei.

The local delegation of 14 men and 13 women is led by National Leader Faisal Yunus who is also a Senior Officer at the Department of Youth and Sports.

Upon arriving in Japan for the 52-day programme, the delegates would stay there for the first 10 days before boarding the ship.

On the ship, the delegates would have discussions and various activities to promote friendship and mutual understanding among the youths of Southeast Asia and Japan.

The ship will sail to four ports of call with Muara being the first stop scheduled on November 13 before heading to Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia.

The ship would then return to Japan on December 17.

The Brunei Times