Martial arts teaches discipline, respect and other life skills

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LEARNING martial arts does not only give individuals a method of protecting themselves but also teaches them discipline, respect and a healthy lifestyle, according to several martial arts associations.

On the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the _Gelangang Pahlawan _or Warrior’s Ring yesterday, The Brunei Times spoke to Liu Lin Yang a part-time assistant coach at the Wushu Federation of Brunei Darussalam (WFBD) and also a Wushu teacher at Chung Hwa Middle School in the capital.

Wushu is also another method of physical exercise and fitness for the students, so that they can learn to live a healthy lifestyle from a very young age.

“Wushu or learning other self defence styles is good for the children, especially during early development as they start to constantly discipline themselves by performing the various physical exercise,” he said.

With students as young as six years old, the Wushu Federation of Brunei Darussalam’s (WFBD) performance during the Warrior’s Ring was one of the highlights of the event.

Leading the Kendo Federation Brunei Darussalam (KFBD), Dinie Khairul Hilmi Hj Noordin agreed that in martial arts and self defence styles students are taught to be disciplined and be respectful.

“Self defence can teach individuals to protect themselves from dangers such as bullying, but in the teaching of Kendo we are also taught to discipline ourselves not to bully others,” he said.

The Brunei Times also spoke to the Secretary cum Administrator of the Brunei Karate Federation (BRUKAF), Hjh Siti Susilawati Hj Mohd Zaini, who explained that it’s good to have a method of protecting oneself as nowadays even at home there is a chance of being attacked.

She added however that there is more to it than just protection, with students aged from five upwards; the children can have a role model to look up to who either studies the art at a higher level or those who teach them. Hjh Siti Susilawati added that it was also important that the teaching was not only stressful physical activities and discipline; there also needs to be the fun factor.

“Learning karate teaches one self defence and self discipline, but it is also important especially for the young children to have fun during training, because if the students have fun, it will be a better learning process,” she said.

She warned the students however that what they learn from training should not be used for fooling around.

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