OCS training extended to 52 weeks

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TRAINING for the latest intake of Officer Cadets from the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) has been extended from 46 to 52 weeks to allow cadets to undergo a course on live firing.

All 30 of the 13th intake for the Officer Cadet School (OCS) will undergo the Rage Conducting Officer Course, qualifying them to run live firing ranges on static targets upon graduating.

Second-in-command of OCS Captain Chris Hesketh said that the training, which would form a part of the three-month Range Management Qualification Course (RMQ), is typically undertaken by graduates after completing OCS.

“All military here go through RMQ — from infantryman to support staff – which trains for a very high standard of field firing, such as a tactical environment where the people and targets are moving. The course the officer cadets will undergo is an abbreviated version which trains up to the static range (where the line of fire and targets are not moving),” he said.

The reason behind the implementation in OCS is to shorten the time the newly-graduated officers have to spend doing the full course as they have already obtained the basic qualification.

“This should help cut down the number of people who have to go through the three-month course, which frees up manpower available to train those who are more at the higher end to do the advanced courses.”

Hesketh added that they are still discussing when the new graduates will enter the more advanced stages of RMQ .

The Brunei Times