Liang police help reactivate neighbourhood watch

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RENEWED interest and commitment from members of the community to safeguard their neighbourhoods will be critical to the success of the police in maintaining public safety and security in the country.

This was the consensus among participants of yesterday's meeting at the Liang Lumut Recreation Centre hosted by the Sg Liang Police Station, and attended by leaders and representatives from villages and private firms in Mukim Liang.

“Although crime and traffic statistics show a reduction in cases, efforts to maintain peace and stability for the residents of Liang Lumut requires total commitment from the community to prevent crime, fight crime and help the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF),” said Officer-in-Charge of Sg Liang Station (OCS) Chief Inspector Burhan Abang.

The meeting followed ongoing district-wide efforts by RBPF to help existing neighbourhood watch mechanisms assume more active roles. It is a move that is welcomed by grassroots leaders, who will expect follow-up meetings with RBPF to occur over the coming months to achieve this.

“I really appreciate the initiative taken by the police to reactivate the neighbourhood watch which is very good as a whole for the community... Of course, there are criteria for those who will be involved in the neighbourhood watch… they must be honest, reliable and have energy because it's not easy,” said Yang Berhormat Hj Shafiee Hj Ahmad, who is also a Legislative Council member.

Chief Inspector Burhan explained that separate meetings would take place with three neighbourhood watch groups in Mukim Liang, focusing on district strategy for crime prevention and detection. He said that although current groups are limited to 20 registered members, the intention was to engage a wider group of community members, including the business sector.

“It's a good approach… the population within the Sg Liang and Lumut community is growing with the influx of foreign workers and new housing projects. It is time for the government to take a step to engage with the community; this is a very good effort by the RBPF,” remarked Yakub Ismail, Head of Security for Brunei LNG.

During the meeting, RBPF shared detailed crime and traffic offence statistics from 2013 and 2014. Since June 2014, 15 arrests of locals – one involving a woman – were made for various property thefts and drug abuse. It was shown that 13 of these involved unemployed persons, while the youngest was 15 years old.

Investigations also revealed that owner negligence was the primary cause for several cases of theft.

The Brunei Times