Foreign workers found suffering from welfare issues

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SEVEN foreign workers were found committing labour offences and suffering from welfare problems, said the Labour Enforcement Division said in a statement.

The division inspected the Pasar Tani Setenaga at Kg Selayun during its ‘Operation Cengkam on Thursday.

The statement said the seven foreign workers had suffered problems with the allocation of their jobs.

Offenders of job allocation for foreign workers will have their quotas for foreign workers revoked or reduced by the Labour Department, and their workers’ licence voided and sent back to their home country.

The statement added that stern action would be taken against the employer if the foreign workers were found suffering from welfare issues.

The department also reminded the public and all employers that anyone fould guilty of abusing the employment of foreign workers licence can be punished under Chapter 112 of the Employment Order 2009 with a fine that can reach up to $10,000 or or a maximum of three years imprisonment.

A total of 11 enforcement officers from the Labour Enforcement Division conducted the inspection.

The Brunei Times