TelBru to roll out faster broadband Internet services

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TELEKOM Brunei Berhad (TelBru) will implement its “Fair Usage Policy” that offers faster bandwidths for users to enjoy their broadband Internet experience, it said in a statement.

The telco said the policy is aimed at ensuring better quality services and more consistent Internet experience by reducing excessive amount of bandwidth consumed by “a minority of heavy users” in the sultanate.

Telbru’s customers are encouraged to change their broadband plans based on their monthly data usage, which depends on what users do when using the Internet, the statement read.

While some tasks such as web browsing require less data, streaming high quality videos, music and movies contribute to the excessive use of bandwidth capacity, requiring more data to be used.

To ensure users’ awareness in understanding their monthly data usage patterns, TelBru has also introduced a new data checking feature that enables users to monitor their data use through its “eBill Online” and “eBill Mobile App” currently available only to Android users.

The mobile applications would allow TelBru Internet users to view and monitor their real-time data usage for the month, and the ability to check their total usage on their monthly bill statement, the statement added.

The implementation of the “Fair Usage Policy” will be announced at a later date. –Waqiuddin Rajak

The Brunei Times