Caution against robbery attempt

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POLICE have received a report of four people knocking on a resident’s door and asking for a car jack around 2am at Tutong’s Kg Ukong last Saturday.

The alleged incident was circulated on the social media, cautioning Kg Ukong residents on robbery attempt.

The report said that the four people had asked for a car jack as they claimed that their car tyre had gone flat.

It added that the resident did not answer and refused to open the door.

But a furtive peek revealed four people allegedly wielding wooden sticks.

A police report was lodged later.

The police confirmed that the report was filed last Saturday and advised public to report any suspicious activities in the night and call immediately to the police hotline 993 or visit the nearest police station.

Village Chief of Kg Ukong Muhd Nendaroh Dato Kornia Diraja Gadong could not confirm the alleged incident, but said he had heard about the incident from other residents.

“So far, what I heard was that the resident refused to open the door at the time, unsure whether it was safe to do it. This was the right thing because who would not be worried or suspicious if strangers suddenly arrived knocking on your door past midnight,” he said in a telephone interview.

“However, it was also possible these strangers were in a dire need of help, but the time and situation were difficult for them to get it,” he added.

Speaking on the neighbourhood watch programme, Muhd Nendaroh said further discussion need to be held before he could comment further.

He noted that though Kg Ukong has its youth safety bureau, but it was not authorised to carry out more intense activities as things may get risky.

“But it does not matter whether you have specific bodies to safeguard the village and its residents because safety is a collective responsibility of residents – we all have to reach out for one another in our neighbourhood,” he said.

Muhd Nendaroh gave an example that if a resident leaves his or her house for a while, he or she should notify neighbours to keep a watch on the homes.

“With this kind of cooperation existing in villages, in my opinion, the villages can certainly be well-protected,” said Muhd Nendaroh.

The Brunei Times