Department of Water Services apologises over water disruption

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THE Department of Water Services of the Public Works Department (PWD) apologised to the residents in the Brunei-Muara district for the recent disruption of water supply.

The department released a statement on their official Facebook page saying that there was a major breakdown during the early morning of October the 16th on their existing 760mm main pipe located in the Sungai Kedayan Bridge area in Jalan Gadong.

The Sungai Kedayan Bridge supplied water to substantial areas of the Jalan Gadong and Jalan Muara, including Kg Pulaie, Kg Sungai Akar, Kg Sungai Hanching and associated surrounding areas which were the worst affected area of the recent water woes.

“Due to the adverse condition of the problem’s location and other factors beyond control, it took the Department of Water Services very long hours of strenuous efforts to rectify the problem,” according to the department.

The statement added that repair works had completed in the early morning of October 17th and saw noticeable steady improvement in the water situation.

The department added, “in the meantime, the department is still deploying water tankers to the remaining affected areas while undertaking the main effort to fully restore the water supply by conducting appropriate balancing in the distribution system of the pipe networks as well as the vital night operations to stabilise the reservoir water level.”

After the completion of the repair works, the department also received a diminishing number of water supply complaints, except for the several residents residing in the hilly grounds and those living further from the water storage source.

The PWD had released a statement on October 16th while undergoing emergency repair works on the 760mm main pipe informing the public that an incident had occurred leading to the disruption of water in several areas.

In a previous article of The Brunei Times on October 19, several residents who were affected by the water disruption, specifically those from the worst affected area, asked for prior notice on water disruptions and complained about the regularity of disruptions; with some saying that water disruption is common in their area and some even saying that they experience 10 water disruptions a month.

The Brunei Times