Time management skills biggest challenge

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TIME management skills were the biggest challenge facing participants from the 21 schools participating in the third Brunei Entrepreneurship (BEES) Programme taking place earlier this year.

A total of 23 BEES companies were created by the programme testing students’ ability to create, innovate, market, communicate and develop business ideas – culminating in an award ceremony held yesterday at the Hua Ho Manggis Ballroom where six schools were awarded for their excellence.

Miza Syahmeena Mohammad and Nur Amanina Sakinah Hj Bahrin from PAP MASNA who took away the ‘Most Entreprenuerial Company’ said that balancing school work and the creation of their company “Queen Bees” proved challenging.

“The model of our company was event managing so developing our interpersonal skills, planning and meeting with potential clients took a good amount of time,” said Miza.

Their biggest events included a movie night at Times Square and Queen Race.

“For our movie night, it was a big task to talk to the manger of the cinema and convince him to rent us the place as it was quite expensive, but through the help of some sponsors we were able to cut a deal, and eventually sold off most of our tickets.”

Chung Hwa Middle School was awarded the most profitable company, raising over $3,700 in gross sales of stationery, phone cases and flowers.

Using the occasion of Mother’s Day to market flowers which were bought at a discount from First Emporium, team leader of “Chub Bees” Ang Woah Shiuan said they also targeted lunch time for the sales of stationery as their reach among students was greater.

“Time was also an issue for us, so fixing a meeting together for planning our ideas and strategies was difficult since we all had different schedules.”

Most competent company went to Menglait Secondary School, most innovative company went to St. Andrews School, most outstanding planner went to Sayyidina Husain Secondary School and finally most outstanding BEES went to Wasan Vocational School.

Throughout the programme the school students underwent training workshops to prepare them to plan and run their businesses, with assistance from LiveWIRE.

The Brunei Times