Spreading rumours brings disorder

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THE Friday sermon yesterday reminded Muslims not to spread rumours and false information especially through social media, as such acts bring disorder to the society.

Imams said sharing any kind of information through mediums such as mobile phones and e-mails has become part of the public’s daily practices.

Some of the information that was shared included slander (fitnah) that wc as circulated as a means to disrespect or defame specific persons in the community, the sermon said.

By circulating such messages through the Internet alone, a person’s pride can quickly be destroyed, causing emotional and physical abuse not just on the victim, but also his or her family members.

Imams said although some took the spread of false information and slander simply for fun and entertainment, the act of slandering is nevertheless condemned in Islam and will be dealt with in the Hereafter.

Slander, said imams, brings disorder to the society that it is the core of misunderstandings and conflicts severing ties between brothers, causing divorce between married couples and throwing the community into chaos.

Imams shared advice to congregants on action that can be taken to deal with the spread of false information.

The first is to never allow or believe what was shared as persons who came bearing such information is considered as fasiq (disbeliever and disobedient to Allah); anything coming from such person brings no credibility in it.

The second is to forbid such acts of slandering from happening - Muslims were also told to promptly advise the tale-bearer on how immoral his or her action was, and to stop doing such.

The third advice is to despise these tale-bearers in the name of God as it is an obligation for Muslims because Allah SWT despises persons who spread slander to others.

The Brunei Times