Borneo Fruit Fest from Dec 11-14

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THE first Borneo Fruit Festival is expected to kick off from December 11 to 14 and there are plans on bringing together over 200 delegates into a ‘wellness environment’ for those who wish to attain a healthy lifestyle.

The festival is organised by the founder of the Raw Food Asia movement, Mewsum Wong and the Managing Director of Sunshine Borneo Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, Anthony Chieng along with the partnership of the chairman of SHJ consultant, Sheikh Jamaluddin Sheikh Mohamed.

During a press conference, Chieng said that the aim of the festival was to bring together a community of people who are interested in improving their health and lifestyle while also raising the status of fruits from more than just a dessert.

The festival is expected to run for three and a half days at the Core of Universiti Brunei Darussalam and will see the involvement of major health experts from the US and Europe.

While the festival is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, it will also incorporate Brunei as an eco-tourism hot spot while having participants indulge in the fruits that are local to Borneo, explained both Wong and Chieng.

Those interested in becoming become registered participants for the festival, or “delegates” as termed by the organisers, will be treated to special activities.

These includie seminars and workshops by internationally-known speakers and workshops on various health aspects.

There will also be prepared meals by a chef flown in from Europe for an intensive detox programme and a tourist package for international delegates to promote Brunei through Royal Brunei as a regional tourist spot.

Chieng said that they are expecting a total of 200 delegates to sign up for the festival with 100 spots allocated for local delegates.

The price and date have yet to be set by the organisers for the registration of the festival.

Members of the public can also view the activities such as the booths available for viewing that will be free of charge; the sales of local fruits, blenders, juicers, enzyme making machines; and healthbooks relating to fruits. They will also be able to sample fresh fruit juices.

The organisers said they are hoping to hold the festival on an annual basis and they will be organising five health talks to continuously remind and provide those interested with a platform for them to continuously learn about wellness and health.

Those interested in learning more about the festival and on how to register can surf their website at or e-mail at

The festival is supported and assisted by the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.

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