Syariah law to form part of PKBN training

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SYARIAH law briefings have become a mandatory part of the National Service Scheme (PKBN) in line with efforts to shape the youth based on Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) values.

PKBN Director Colonel (Rtd) Pg Zulkifli Pg Hj Ismail said that trainees would attend briefings on the Syariah Penal Code Order in order to increase their understanding of the newly-enforced law.

“It’s important for our youth to know about Syariah law as it affects their everyday life,” he said yesterday on the sidelines of the first briefing held for the third PKBN intake at the Sports Village.

In the briefing delivered by Syariah law officials, trainees were presented with an overview of the various offences and different punishments listed in the Syariah Penal Code Order. They were also informed about the three phases of implementation for the criminal law.

The initial phase was carried out on May 1, covering all offences that are punishable by ta’zir (penalties set by the Head of State, such as fines and imprisonment).

Colonel (Rtd) Pg Zulkifli also underscored the role of religious teaching in the three-month training for PKBN trainees, noting that Islamic practices such as the obligatory daily prayers serve as a form of discipline for the participants.

“For example, our trainees wake up at dawn everyday to perform their Subuh prayers, which requires discipline,” he said, adding that PKBN aimed to bind the youth to Brunei’s identity as a Zikir nation.

Apart from performing daily prayers, trainees are also required to attend a number of religious lectures on a variety of Islamic topics as well as participate in community service activities, such as cleaning places of worship.

The director further urged parents to encourage their children to join PKBN to produce responsible citizens who can contribute to national development.

“There are many benefits to sending your children for training at PKBN.

They will be taught useful life skills and they will also be given opportunities to enhance their employability prospects,” said Colonel (Rtd) Pg Zulkifli.

A total of 744 trainee graduates have completed the three-month training at PKBN since its launch in 2011.

The Brunei Times