Over-the-counter medication not a proper treatment

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PURCHASING over-the-counter medication for sickness and other ailments should be avoided.

Instead, pharmaceutical experts from the Department of Pharmaceutical Services under the Ministry of Health said, the public should opt for a proper consultation and obtain the accurate medication from a pharmacy.

Department of Pharmaceutical Services, Drug Administration Service Pharmacist, Dk Siti Nurhafilah Pg Hj Zahari yesterday said that specific health problem have varying levels of treatment.

“If a patient were to consume medication not meant for that level of treatment, it could lead to more problems,” said Dk Siti Nurhafilah.

Prescription drugs are monitored and tested by the Drug Quality Control Section of the Pharmacy Enforcement Division to certify its safety before being made available to the public through local stores, said an inspector with the division.

"The use of unprescribed medication from local stores may cause more health problems." he added.

The Drug Administrator Service Pharmacist stated that, receiving aid from pharmacist will be wise because of their knowledge and understanding of the drug’s dosage, quality and effects towards a specific ailment.

The Pharmacy Open Day Exhibition held by the Ministry of Health ended yesterday.

The Brunei Times