Judge orders man to face trial under Children and Young Persons Act

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A 32-YEAR-OLD man accused of trespassing into a house with his two children in tow is scheduled to appear in the Intermediate Court for trial.

During the proceedings yesterday, the Intermediate Court judge Pg Hjh Hanani Pg Hj Metusain did not accept the 32-year-old defendant’s guilty plea.

She ordered for a trial on the charge of Children and Young Persons Act whereby the defendant is accused of bringing his seven-year-old son and five-year-old daughter to the house in Sungai Liang for the purpose of illegal activity, house trespass.

In light of the not guilty plea, Deputy Public Prosecutor Dk Siti Nurul Fairuz Pg Rosli indicated that the prosecution has 10 witnesses who will be giving evidence against the defendant.

Meanwhile, the defendant and his 27-year-old brother pleaded guilty yesterday to the joint charged of theft of a set of alloy wheels from a shop in Kampung Mulaut on September 15, and trespassing into a house in Sungai Liang with the intent to commit an offence on October 3.

The defendant told the court that he committed the offence because he was hungry as all of his salary working as a uniformed personnel was spent to buy food and clothes for his children.

The defendant’s brother in his mitigation sought for the court to impose a lenient sentence as he has a wife to support.

“When we were remanded, we realised what we did was wrong and we really regret what we have done,” said the 27-year-old.

He asked for leniency in sentencing as this will affect him and his brother’s future as well as his brother’s children.

A further mention of the case is expected to be heard this afternoon at the Intermediate Court.

The Brunei Times