Ideal designs for women’s ablution rooms in mosques studied

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THE Public Works Department (PWD) is in the process of collaborating with the Ministry of Religious Affairs to provide accessible layout for women’s ablution rooms in mosques, following the launching of the PWD Built Environment Guidelines – Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) Context volume one on Saturday.

Acting Senior Architect Public Works Department, Haslinawati Hj Abdul Halim told The Brunei Times on the sidelines of the World Day Architecture 2014 that the department is still in the process of negotiation with relevant agencies to implement the guidelines in the book.

“There are also other topics on the book such as local patterns, customs that needed to have approval with relevant agencies. Anything about religion, we must link it with the relevant agencies like State Mufti and Ministry of Religious Affairs,” said Haslinawati.

The 46-page guidebook was prepared by a committee, initiated by the former Director General of Public Works Department, Hj Marzuke Hj Mohsin in 2013.

The PWD Built Environment Guidelines provides the standards for professionals to refer and implement as a common practice in building design environment, according to the information in the book.

“From our analysis, we came out with the ideal layout for female ablution,” said Haslinawati.

She said that the department took into account the consideration needed for female ablution before praying.

“Activities like taking wudhu (ablution) and praying… those considerations are included in the first volume of the book,” said Haslinawati.

“Our findings are only from what we think are the most ideal one. We even experimented with the surau at the Public Works Department,” she added.

Haslinawati noted about other topics in the book such as local patterns and customs which PWD are still considering with other relevant agencies.

She explained that since ablution and mosque link with religion, consideration with Ministry of Religious Affairs are needed.

“We have to make sure whether this is the right approach; from MIB perspective and Islamic perspective,” said Haslinawati.

“We are currently working on it. We put forward the guideline in the book such as female ablution should be on the left of the mosque,” she added.

The first national conference on World Architecture Day on Saturday saw the release of an official set of guidelines on building design which architects looking to develop Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) architecture can now refer to for design ideas.

Approximately 50 copies of “Brunei Darussalam Standard Built Environment Guidelines have been printed.

The Brunei Times