Man: I’m falsely accused of rape in WhatsApp rumour

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THE person whose image was tagged and circulated on WhatsApp as the perpetrator of the rape and robbery of an expat teacher in Tutong has come forward to clear his name.

Forty-two-year old local Teo See Teck who claims he was never questioned or charged by the police, said in an interview with The Brunei Times that the image which shows him performing with the Tiong Hwa Lion Dance Troupe had tarnished his reputation.

The picture was shared with accompanying messages, some in Chinese mentioning him as a “suspect” in the case, another message in Malay and English saying he was the rapist who was apprehended by the police while another listed Teo’s family background and personal details.

According to a report in The Brunei Times on Wednesday, the police had already nabbed a suspect; 22-year-old Yurawandy Bujang who was brought before the Magistrate’s Court to be charged with the rape and robbery.

“I am very frustrated and ashamed at the people who shared my picture and my information so indiscriminately and without thought. I had nothing to do with the rape, I was never even interrogated by the police”, said Teo who works as a security guard at BSP’s Rasau Station.

Teo said he had turned to the police for help, filing a complaint on September 29 at the Tutong Police Station with his close friend and leader of the Tiong Hwa Lion Dance Troupe, Mohammad Cyrus Tarip.

The pair said they were confident of indentifying the source that spread the rumours, but declined naming the party responsible as they were awaiting the result of police investigations.

“It’s very damaging to the good name of our lion dance troupe and Teo himself,” said Cyrus, who has been organising performances for over five years with the troupe.

“I plead to the public that before they start spreading unfounded rumours, that they ask themselves seriously - how I would feel if I or my family or my friend was falsely labelled a rapist and a thief?”

Teo consented to the WhatsApp picture being used to accompany this article.

The Brunei Times