Brunei likely to see slight hazy conditions today

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BRUNEI will be experiencing slight hazy weather conditions today, according to the forecast of the Meteorological Department.

The department, in a statement, said prevailing winds were forecast to blow from the south or southwest with few occasional crossing of showers or thundershowers and bringing in hazy conditions, based on the numerical weather prediction for today.

The department’s Weather Services Division said a satellite image detector had shown widespread smoke in southern Kalimantan on October 3.

“The Weather Satellite Visible Image produced by Singapore National Environment Agency detected a total of 389 hotspots over the area,” the statement read.

“The slight hazy conditions may be due to the smoke haze in our surrounding (Southeast Asian) region blown in by the prevailing southwesterly winds in our country’s direction,” it added.

In previous weeks, a “dry” phenomenon was gradually experienced in the country until October 3.

“Previously a minimum visibility of 6-7 km with no rain was recorded over the Meteorological Observation Station Brunei International Airport between September 29 and October 3,” the statement added.

On its website, the department stated that there was no rain in the previous few weeks due to stable atmospheric conditions.

However, isolated rainfall is expected today and on most days this week.

The Brunei Times