Night-time driving may become part of mandatory lessons

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NIGHT-TIME driving lessons for learner drivers might become part of the mandatory 15-hour exercise, once the suggestion is further scrutinised and discussed with driving class operators, said Land Transport officials recently.

During the recent convention for driving schools and their operators, Dr Hj Supry Hj Ladi, the Acting Director of the Land Transport Department (JPD), told _The Brunei Times _that the department needed to gather more information with the driving class operators especially on how to get it started and why it was not yet part of the exercise.

“We need more details. I think they need to discuss with us further on if they can provide it. We would like to figure out why night driving classes are not yet available,” said Dr Supry.

He said that the inclusion of night driving would be beneficial for potential drivers as it would encompass more grounds for the students to cover and expose them to what can be expected once they are able to take to the roads.

“One issue that was raised was that of gender. For male students, the instructors should be male as well and for them to not be of the opposite sex. It is something we are very concerned about and we cannot force them if this is the issue.

“If they can accommodate and provide the classes, that would be good,” he added.

He said that some were of the opinion that the driver’s test taking place in daylight was the most ideal situation, hence making the idea of practical driving classes at night unnecessary.

However, he asserted that even an hour or two of practical driving lessons at night should be included in the minimum 15 hours.

“When they get the license, at least we know they are ready to face night-time driving conditions,” Dr Supry said, adding that driving schools are encouraged to teach practical night driving lessons if they are able to provide the option.

The convention for driving schools that took place earlier this month saw the involvement of all the driving schools in the country come together with the JPD to review the curriculum and its execution by the schools.

The Brunei Times